Tachograph data evaluation

AETRControl is a tachograph data evaluation system for Internet-based subscription, which evaluates the tachograph data of the G1, G2 driver cards and G1 and G2 tachographs according to the regulations and prepares the working time records.

Upload your driver and tachograph data to us, try our system free of charge for 30 days!

Benefits of the AETRControl system:

The evaluation system is complex, providing the following services:

  • Recording infringements by dealing with the relevant legislation
  • Preparing working time records, leave records, etc…
  • Preparation of an activity sheet
  • Driver’s card, tachograph download option with mobile phone
  • Austrian, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Danish, German minimum wage statement automatically (option)
  • Automatic calculation of daily posting fee (option)
  • Driving and rest time planning via web interface (option)
  • Driving and rest time management by mobile phone (option)

Other services include AETR legislation training, preparation of appeals in case of inspections, legal assistance The AETRControl system also manages specific legislation and parts of the MOBILITY PACKAGE. The AETRControl system is currently used by nearly 3000 companies and evaluates more than 30,000 drivers in seconds. Subscription is linked to the number of drivers.

Detection and recording of infringements

The data on the digital driver card must be downloaded using a card reader (link). After downloading the data (about 30 seconds), you can access our website to generate the report. In case of analogue discs, scan them with our fast and user-friendly software and send them automatically to our processing system. You can then create your infringement report by accessing our website.

Infringement Report

Your time spent driving a car is no more than 1 minute. Thanks to the speed and user-friendliness of the system, no additional staff is needed to operate it.

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