Why choose our products?

  • Reading and processing data is simple, fast, convenient and cost-effective. The reading of driver cards can be virtually automatic, while the scanning and evaluation of discs can be semi-automated and adapted to the company’s existing logistics processes.
  • The evaluation is also an educational tool – simple, clear, understandable; so drivers are more receptive to it.
  • Using AETRControl does not require any extra work, extra staff or “extra investment”, the system is fast and very easy to use. The web-based system and the cost-effective mobile card reader also allow drivers to upload their card data remotely, even from abroad, so that downloads do not require the vehicle and driver to be called back to the site (saving time and fuel).
  • Driving and rest times can be planned down to the minute based on card data and legislation analysis, even several times a day thanks to extremely fast card reading and evaluation.

We also carry out evaluations of more complex legislation:

  • Driving in staff.
  • Evaluation of ferry, train transport.
  • Management/proposal of weekly rest compensations.
  • Two working days within 24 hours, handling 15/30 minute breaks.
  • Tachograph-free mode management.
  • Manual data entry statement.
  • Managing weekly rest periods for international passenger transport.
  • Manual data entry control.
  • Full legal compliance.

Adatátviteli/feldolgozási sebesség:

Managing labour records:

We are constantly expanding our services.(Our own development team monitors current market needs, but our customers can also request improvements.)

The system can be used from an unlimited number of computers and can be expanded at no extra charge.

If you have a few minutes, take a look at our presentation of the AETRControl system. (Click here)

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