Minimum Wage Abroad – Posting Calculation

The AETRControl minimum wage calculation system:

The aim of the service is to calculate the minimum wage to be paid and to produce statements to be presented to the authorities at their request, with minimum human resources and in full compliance with the legislation.

Within the framework of the Mobility Package (Regulation 2020/1057/EU), the following changes have entered into force from 02/02/2022:

  1. The driver must record border crossings manually in the tachograph.
  2. The activity that constitutes a posting must be registered in the European Union’s Internal Market Information System (IMI);IMI). The authority may ask for documents and statements relating to the remuneration of the duration of the posting.

The AETRControl Foreign Minimum Wage Calculation is based on the AETRControl tachograph data evaluation system!

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Service levels:


2nd level – OFFERED 

Loading information is recorded and processed manually or automatically to calculate the minimum wage.

At this level, it is possible to calculate the minimum wage and to report cabotage and postings, taking into account exemptions in accordance with the legislation. To use this service, we need to receive coordinate data from the GPS provider. Within this level, two variants are distinguished.

Level 2.2 Automatic data capture:

The undertaking has a transport management system from which at least the following data can be obtained:

  • Vehicle registration number
  • Cargo ID (contract ID)
  • Loading time
  • Loading location (For example: Mosseveien 1, N-1610 Fredrikstad, Norway)
  • Loading direction (up, down loading)

The AETRControl system’s data receiving interface is attached to the individual data format (xls, xlsx, cvc…) containing the above data.

Once the data format has been captured, the user uploads the data file to the AETRControl system.

Once the data has been uploaded automatically:

  • the uploaded data,
  • public data from the tachograph,
  • data from the gps provider,
  • the driver’s qualification classification,
  • the minimum wage amounts per country, which can be adjusted by the user,
  • daily exchange rates of the National Bank


AETRControl’s minimum wage calculation algorithm determines the minimum wage per country, the foreign and domestic posting rates and keeps records of cabotage.

A list of cooperating GPS, logistics providers is available here.

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Level 2.1 Manual data recording:

The minimum wage statement is displayed based on the border crossings and other work recorded by the driver in the tachograph, the loading data entered manually on our website and/or the data recorded in the AETRControl Minimum Wage application.

With the AETRControl Minimum Wage application, the driver can record the loading direction (up, down), the country of departure and the country of destination, thus facilitating the work of the company. In addition to the above, the application also stores the date, time and location of the loading.

With these solutions, it is possible to calculate the minimum wages, cabotage and posting accurately and in compliance with the legislation.


  • Possible driver recording deficiencies
  • Extra work to check the statement


1st level: The company does not have a detailed account of its shipments

At this level, our system cannot take into account the possibilities of legal exemptions because it is based only on tachograph data.

It is recommended for those who cannot upload a statement into our system that includes planned and executed loads.

At this level of service, our system can rely on the driver. The minimum wage statement is based on the border crossings and other work recorded by the driver in the tachograph.

The system can be configured to record how much other work is required to automatically treat the transport task as a load for the minimum wage calculation.

Foreign minimum wages are calculated for each country where there was loading is the other work input.

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  • Driver data recording deficiencies,
  • Additional work involved in preparing and checking the statement
  • We pay more than the legal limit
  • In the event of an administrative enquiry, we risk a penalty for inaccurate reporting

A list of cooperating GPS, logistics providers is available here.

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