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The AETRControl tachograph data evaluation system automatically generates the driver’s monthly labour statement, taking into account the labour legislation in force. The employer can set the following in accordance with the employment contract or collective agreement with the driver, taking into account the legislation:

  • type of activity carried out during working hours,
  • start and end of night work,
  • number of hours worked at night,
  • monthly and/or weekly working time frame,
  • number of rest days and days off.

The system generates the monthly attendance sheet according to your settings. It totals the time-sheet usage on a weekly basis and displays the remaining time-sheet available at the end of the month. We also provide the possibility to record time off and other work using our utility. The statement can be electronically transmitted to payroll. AETRControl tachograph data evaluation system is a subscription service.

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The following information will appear on the attendance sheet

In the form of a table:

Start/end of working time – driving time – other work – interruption – availability – breaks – night work – total working time – overtime

In addition to the above data, Sunday and weekend work, working time, sick leave, holidays, unpaid leave are aggregated.

Minimum wages in Germany, Austria, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, posting fees

AETRControl uses in-vehicle satellite fleet tracking data to provide a reliable record of the time worked in a given country to calculate the minimum wage.


The AETRControl system provides several types of output to payroll systems.

  • Interface to payroll systems in Excel format.
  • Excel interface for “Kulcs-Soft” payroll system.

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