AETRControl front device (bluetooth tachograph driver, download)

The purpose of the device:

  • Vehicle driver card reading via an app, via a tachograph.
  • Download tachograph data.

The device works only with the AETRControl system.

Product description:

  • Downloading tachograph data with the AETRControl Front device, storing and uploading it to
  • Reading driver card (USB, Bluetooth, AETRControl Front device), store, sending to
  • You can choose to upload compressed data via WIFI only or via mobile internet.
  • Uploading after reading is automatic.
  • Warning to read the driver card out.


  • 39 370 +Áfa

To order


Download from the Google play store by searching for “AETRControl”.

Available services:

  • Storage of read out data
  • Storage and processing of read data
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